I am a Design Director. Art Director. UI/UX Designer. Golfer. Motorbike Racer. Cyclist. Technologists. And passionate Business Entrepreneur.

During my career, I have been in charge of developing creative marketing campaigns and strategies. I’ve been responsible for daily art direction/graphic design content for small to large-sized companies. Worked regularly on concepts, strategies, graphic, layout, and production materials and overseeing teams. Developed brand projects for 200+ clients (ad campaigns, tv commercials, experience design, UI/UX, logos, brochures, advertisements, infographics, websites, social marketing and more). I have necessitated the establishment of original timeframes, the building of efficient high-level teams, created major business proposals, created financial spreadsheets, and pitched complete creative concepts to various clients.

Additionally, I have spoken to Wall Street bankers and raised money for our own startup projects with various NYC based venture capitalist firms.

My ability to mix sound business practices with original creative ideas and intelligent strategies has proven itself over the past decade and is currently on display throughout my private online portfolio.

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